In today’s world, Cyber Attacks, Malware and Vulnerabilities are a growing threat that can impact any network from small to large. Due to the possession of competitive advantage trade secrets, Intellectual Property and know how, multinational corporations and international law firms are under constant pressure to prevent or stop cyber theft events. As an arm of our clients, we too at AmerAsia hold security, confidentiality and defensibility as three of our highest values. Daily, in real time we are all about securing and protecting 100% of the data/documents/information entrusted to our work or possession.

Cyber threats can expose personal data, compromise financial account details, hold critical data for ransom, or destroy data entirely. A data breach can also have a huge financial impact on highly regulated businesses that deal with confidential or personal identifiable information. It is important to understand what vulnerabilities might exist within our clients’ environment, and what AmerAsia can do not only to mitigate risk but present and react to an active attack in progress. With other companies, systems and resources, other clients often times do not detect an Cyber event until the attacker finishes his or her reconnaissance meaning the penetration may go unnoticed for days, months, or even years. At AmerAsia, charged with protecting everything we touch, we must have, and we do have, the best Cyber Security Systems we can deploy; for our benefit and yours.

The unique qualities of your business determine what type of applications you use, and the potential vulnerabilities that come with them.

Hackers need to preform several preliminary tasks learning about any vulnerabilities within your network. Some of the most popular ways of discovering these vulnerabilities are Network Scanning, ARP poisoning, Man In The Middle attacks and many more. These methods are not recognized as normal network behavior, and are clear indicators for our appliances to sound the alert and stop the attack in progress. In addition to stopping an initial attack, AmerAsia intrusion detection and Cloud Security Appliances can also identify infected devices on your network that may be trying to send data to the outside world.

In order to stay ahead of attackers, there are many tasks like vulnerability scans, application code scans, firmware updates, monitoring and logging that must be audited daily. If any risk is identified, there must be a process to remediate vulnerabilities immediately. With the AmerAsia intrusion detection and prevention systems, all of your network appliances and servers are secured with one AmerAsia service. Receive daily vulnerability scan details, compliance reports, traffic logs, and more. In minutes, with minimal configuration, you can deploy in the cloud or in your local datacenter. As new threats emerge and malware evolves, exploits become more complex and harder to detect. By monitoring enterprise level networks 24/7 in real time around the world, AmerAsia’s cyber security tools eliminate these complexities and helps clients face the future of these kinds of deceptions with confidence.

These are the types of tools, systems and protocols we use in defending your cyber systems and your documents/data entrusted to AmerAsia globally. We first develop our tools due to our leading edge requirements in delivering you winning results and then, only then, commercialize our services for sale. Pretty much the opposite of too many me too companies operating in this vital security segment of our industry(s).

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Many foreign subsidiaries doing business in China, Asia or America have no IT infrastructure and those that do, want to get out of the infrastructure business. AmerAsia provisions full, scalable, secure IT infrastructure via our secure cloud design and strategy for fast, reliable, scalable, secure global capacity, any time and virtually anywhere.

Security and privacy are core to our infrastructure provisioning strategy. Don’t have your own China, Asia or American infrastructure? Perfect! AmerAsia deploys a fully secure cloud environment to any platform like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and private networks. AmerAsia is the first to offer the only integrated, highly available and scalable solution in AWS Beijing, China and across the planet. Our applications are secured in the PRC private cloud, with multiple layers of security, and can support an unlimited capacity for all of your document management and review requests.

CloudNostic global network topology:

  1. AWS
  2. Google Cloud
  3. Microsoft Azure
  4. PVT

Security Operations Center (SOC)

AmerAsia’s custom intrusion detection and prevention systems deployed via our PRC SOC. Included with all hosted AmerAsia services and solutions. AmerAsia offers 24/7 , defensive, preventative and offensive barriers, supporting 100% of your data securely 24x7 in our cloud environments. Analyze traffic in real time, detect unwanted traffic, and blocking malicious attacks before data is exposed. Not only does the AmerAsia Cyber Security tool set provide defensive capabilities to keep your data safe, our team also offers forensic Cyber offensive capabilities. Along with traffic analysis, our network probes are capturing datapackets from all outside internet traffic hitting our server ports and end user requests so any client can be traced back to the original source and remediated/supported appropriately.

AmerAsia China and America custom cyber security operations center

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Defensive – Preventative - Offensive


AmerAsia and Client Control – Security, Systems, Audits, Self Regulating, Compliance, Dual Defensibility, Transparency, and Technology combine in our AmerAsia cloud environment operating in Beijing, China. AmerAsia systems are fully supported and controlled only by AmerAsia support staff. Access to the environment is provisioned via a 2 step multifactor authentication process and 7 layer security stack within an isolated cloud network. Security policies, and vulnerability assessments have been developed to ensure strict compliance within our infrastructure, systems, applications and client data. All of these qualities produce the only fully integrated, secure, scalable, cloud hosted document review platform, on the ground in the PRC.

AmerAsia - owned controlled and operated by AmerAsia personnel.

Beijing AmerAsia China - owned controlled and operated by AmerAsia personnel.

  1. Dually compliant to all jurisdictional laws simultaneously
  2. AmerAsia Legal Operations Center (AALOC)